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2011 Show schedule:
April 30-May 1, Vienna VA, N.VA Coin Show, Vienna Community Center
May 21-22, Salem, VA, Salem Coin Club Show, American Legion Hall, Apperson Dr.
June 10-12, Charlotte, NC, Carolina Coin Shows, Metrolina Complex
July 15-17, Raleigh, NC, Raleigh Coin Club Show, State Fairgrounds, Scott Bldg.

I am a one-man operation, so when I am away from the office I often cannot get emails. If I do not answer your email within a few days, I probably either did not receive it or, more likely, am away. In that event, the best way to get in touch with me is to call me at 276-755-3296 or 757-639-1772 and place your order by phone. Otherwise I will get to it as soon as I can.
Best bet for contacting me by email:

Welcome to my listings of Ancient and Medieval coins and Artifacts! I hope you will find this interesting and informative and I also hope you will find something interesting enough to buy. Either way, enjoy these treasures of the ancient world and if there is anything I can help you with, whether sales or information, please let me know. If you don't see what you are looking for, let me know what it is - maybe I can find it for you. I have a lot of material that's not listed, with new things coming in periodically and new listings regularly. Terms and Abbreviations are found at the bottom of this page. Many people were apparently missing it in the place I had it. I hope this makes it more accessible and useful. Many of the abbreviations I no longer use as I now spell the words out fully for the benefit of those new to ancient numismatics and those for whom English is a foreign language - I know I have trouble with abbreviations when I read foreign literature. Happy Hunting.


1. All coins and artifacts are guaranteed genuine forever.

2. 14 day return privilege if not satisfied for any reason. No hassles. Any item returned should be sent via insured or registered mail.

3. Payment must be made in US funds. Checks or Money Orders should be made out to Guy Clark. New customers paying by check should allow an extra 7 days for checks to clear. Payment may also be made using Visa or MasterCard. Visa and Mastercard are accepted for all non-US orders as well and are usually the easiest and least expensive way to accomplish payment for you.
If you choose to e-mail the information on the card, please use 2 messages with part of the information in each message. The safest way is to call and relay the information over the phone. Once I have it on file, you simply need to state that you wish to use your card and I will know what to do.
To answer a question regarding keeping credit card information on file for your and my convenience, I keep it all on a separate disk (not my hard drive) so no one can hack it from my computer files and I NEVER give out any information on my customers to anyone, not even names and addresses, so you will not get unsolicited mail from anything I have done.

4. All US orders (except books) are sent postpaid unless otherwise stated.
Foreign orders will be shipped Registered Mail. The cost is US$13 plus actual postage costs, usually $1-$2 for a coin or two. Due to matters beyond my control, all foreign orders are shipped at the buyers risk; however, I try to insure their safety as best I can by sending them via Registered Mail. In most cases I am unable to insure foreign packages due to postal regulations. I can now ship to most countries using Global Express mail. It provides for insurance. The price is $25 to Canada and $28 to the rest of the world. Insurance over $100 is extra at the rate of $1 per $100 valuation.

5. Layaway is available if needed. Terms are negotiable within reason.

6. If you are interested in an item and wish to reserve it prior to sending payment, call or email and I will hold it up to 10 days pending receipt of your payment. If you are an overseas buyer this time can be extended to accomodate the slower mail service.
I have had a number of people abuse this privilege recently by asking for items to be held and then never sending payment or responding otherwise to my email inquiries. I know that sometimes circumstances occur that change your plans. If you are unable to complete a transaction for an item put on hold, please have the courtesy to call or email and let me know that so I can release it for sale rather than miss a sale waiting for a sale that never will be. I thank you all for your cooperation in this.

Key to Abbreviations and References

SR = Roman Coins and their Values, D. Sear
SG = Greek Coins and their Values, D. Sear
SB = Byzantine Coins and their Values, D. Sear
H = Biblical Coins, D. Hendin
Syd. = The Coinage of the Roman Republic, E. A. Sydenham
Craw. or Cr.= Roman Republican coinage, M. H. Crawford
RIC = Roman Imperial Coinage
RSC = Roman Silver Coins and their Values, D. Sear
BMC = British Museum Catalogs
SGI = Greek Imperial Coins and their Values, D. Sear
AR = silver
AV = gold
AE = bronze
exergue = "under the line"